Date: 09/30/1987On September 30, 1987, Mentat Inc registered the domain name, making it 93rd .com domain ever to be registered.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Mentat is the leading supplier of standards-based, high-performance networking solutions to the computer and satellite industries. Mentat’s SkyX products, named the World Teleport Association’s 2002 Technology of the Year, overcome the limitations of TCP/IP to allow high-performance Internet access over satellite-based networks. SkyX products are used by ISPs, corporations, and government organizations in over 85 countries across all seven continents.

Mentat, Inc. was acquired by Packeteer, Inc. on December 22, 2004. Mentat, Inc. provides networking solutions and operating systems to the computer and satellite industries in the United States. Its networking protocol products for operating system developers include TCP/IP protocol suite offering IPv6 and IPsec; Portable Streams, a portable implementation of the STREAMS infrastructure that provides a mechanism for networking protocols, terminal subsystems, and other kernel-level I/O facilities for porting to various operating environments; and XTP, a commercial implementation of the Xpress Transport Protocol for networks. The company also offers SkyX Gateway and SkyX client/server solutions to allow Internet access over satellite-based networks for ISPs, corporations, and government organizations. Mentat, Inc. was founded in 1987 and is based in Los Angeles, California.