Date: 01/01/1992Initially the registration of domain names was free,subsidized by the National Science Foundation through IANA, but by 1992 a neworganization was needed to specifically handle the exponential increase in flow to the Internet. IANA and the NSF jointly created InterNIC, a quasi-governmental body mandated to organize and maintain the growing DNS registry and services.

1992 Internet Engineering Task Force Requests for Comments(RFCs) started as memoranda addressing the various protocols that facilitate the functioning of the Internet and were previously edited by the late Dr.Postel as part of his IANA functions. The IETF started in January 1985 as a quarterly meeting of U.S.government funded researchers. Representatives from non-government vendors were invited starting with the fourth IETF meeting in October of that year. In 1992,the Internet Society, a professional membership society, was formed and the IETF was transferred to operation under it as an independent international standards body.