Date: 01/01/ Auctions To U.K. Entertainment Technology Company for $700,000, the world’s one-stop source for buying and selling domain names and Web sites, today announced the successful auction of, which sold for $700,000. Steve Hill, chairman and managing director of Easysoft, a U.K.-based leading provider of Data Access Middleware for building dynamic data-driven Web sites  was the final purchaser that bought the domain name from previous owner,  Jean-Noel Frydman, founder and CEO of  “In researching various names for my new Internet-based entertainment  company, I found that had the largest selection of dot com  domain names available,” said Steve Hill, purchaser of the domain

name.  “When I discovered the name was available for purchase, I  knew I had to have it. instantly brings the recognized brand and  installed site traffic to build a successful online entertainment company.”

Hill plans to utilize to launch the definitive global portal for films, appealing to a broad audience of people interested in movies,  ranging from the casual movie enthusiast to the most avid film fan.  The site  will offer personalized e-commerce services using sophisticated one-to-one  marketing, and collaborative filtering technologies to provide the one-stop  shop for feature content related to film, videos, books, merchandise and  memorabilia.  More importantly, with the advent of digital cinema and  broadband Internet, will be perfectly positioned for the  pay-per-view delivery of movies over the Internet, directly into the home. “The importance of finding and acquiring a quality domain name for one’s  online business is greater than ever,” said Jeff Tinsley, CEO of  “ is another successful example where has helped one of today’s entrepreneurs walk away with a domain name that is perfectly suited for their industry.”