July 16, 2012

Second level domain space continues to grow.

Verisign released and announced its latest quarterly domain name report at an odd time this quarter — 4 pm on a Friday.

That’s usually the time you release bad news you don’t want people to hear about, so it’s kind of odd for a marketing piece.

So here’s my Monday morning coverage of highlights:

– Q1 closed with 233 second level domain registrations, and increase of 7.5 million over the previous quarter.

– Some of the 7.5 million additional were just counted for the first time: IDN ccTLDs launched through Verisign’s “Fast Track” program. At the end of the quarter there were 808,967.

– ccTLD registrations hit 94.9 million domains. There was no change atop the leaderboard. The most registered is .de, followed by .uk and .tk.